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Software Feature

  • Secured audit trail (User, Equipment, Alarm SMS, Events).
  • E-Records and E-Signatures with Date and Time stamp.
  • MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature).
  • Real-time analysis & Graphical Analysis.
  • Password Encryption.
  • Authorized Multilevel Username and Password.
  • Auto Back Up utility.
  • All the alarm, door open etc. event logged with reason master.
  • Data generated on PDF format.
  • Log data, event and audit trail data recording.

Password Protection

  • Alphanumeric password with automatic password expiry. separate password for individual user.

Data Downloading

  • Data downloading can be launched in the background without slowing down the computer performance.

Secure User Login

  • Secure user login with 100% trace audit trail.

Audit Trail

  • It is possible to trace users all activities after login to log out.

Software Control

  • Settable all the parameters such as alarm limits, set points up to chamber start and stop function.

Real Time Trend

  • Can monitor individual chamber with process value and trends for all the sensors, online and offline.

User Rights

  • Administrator can define user access level, can create new users and can assign user rights.

Input / Output Status

  • All the control inputs and output status visible like door open, stand by system working etc.

Reports and Graphs

  • Reports available such as chamber wise, door access, audit trail, events, sms alerts, mean kinetic temperature reports, error reports chamber graph, scanner reports.

Auto Backup Utility

  • User can select backup type for automatic backup or manual backup facility also available.


  • To view / analyze backup data facility to restore the required data base.

Door Access Setup

  • Can get details of number of users allotted with door opening events and remark option.

Event Logging

  • All the safety cut offs and alarms, sms from mobile alerts, event (change over of standby system) is logged in the Software.

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