Where can I purchase Kesar Control System Product ?

Kesar Control Systems is engage in manufacturing of pharmaceutical and scientific equipment.– more detailed information can be found on our Contact page

Who do I contact for domestic sales?

You may contact us by filling up the online form on our website or you may call us on +91-7228830796 and talk to our marketing team, we are open from Monday to Saturday 10 am to 6pm IST. You may also mail us at service@kesarcontrol.com we would respond to your online request within 1 working day.

What kind of warranty does Kesarcontrol offer?

Kesar control offers a standard 2 years warranty on most equipment provided that it is used properly. For more information, contact your local Kesarcontrol representative for our terms and conditions.

Where can I find equipment tutorial and introduction videos?

All of Kesarcontrol videos can be located on our YouTube channel or Videos page

What are company mission ?

To be leading manufacturer of Temperature & Humidity base equipment Adopting advance techniques for enhancing quality and improving good performance. To provide best quality equipment and surpass customer expectation by offering 24x7x365 services.

What are product guideline and requirement of kesarcontrol?

We manufacture all our equipments as per GMP / ICH guidelines and also Confirms MCA & US FDA requirements.

What is the function of Humidity Chamber ?

A humidity chamber is a device used to artificially replicate various environmental conditions by procedurally altering just two specific factors. Temperature and relative humidity. A humidity chamber is thus used comprehensively in the testing of drugs & medicines in the pharmaceutical industry, to determine the basic shelf-life of the said drugs along with their resistance to environmental changes.

What is the function of Bod Incubator ?

A BOD Incubator is solidly manufactured to ensure the incubation of the cultures within is completely insulated from the harsh external environment and completely in artificial control.