Interior of stability chamber if fabricated of stainless steel with dull finish


  • A stability chamber is a device used to artificially replicate various environmental conditions by procedurally altering just two specific factors. Temperature and relative humidity. A stability chamber is thus used comprehensively in the testing of drugs & medicines in the pharmaceutical industry, to determine the basic shelf-life of the said drugs along with their resistance to environmental changes. The stability chamber can be classified into environmental chambers, temperature – humidity chambers, accelerated test chambers, and photo stability chambers, cold chambers, depending on the respective parameter of testing. Physically, they are classified into reach-in chambers which are smaller in size, and walk-in chambers which are large enough to be walked into. A stability chamber works by using compressors to maintain the temperature in the chamber, and thus, the relative humidity, which it also does by the use of a separate water reserve through boiler heater. As a leading stability chamber manufacturer, our innovative designs and precise engineering contribute to the reliability and performance of these essential testing devices.


  • Insulated Chamber interior made of stainless steel with mirror/dull finish.
  • Exteriors with model options of Stainless steel and G.I. Powder Coating.
  • Illuminated Interior with full-view glass door.
  • Heavy-duty door hinges & latches to maintain a secure & uniform seal