walk in stability chamber Kesar control is a manufacturer of cold chamber, walk in stability chamber, bod incubator, etc


  • A Walk-in chamber is a stability chamber that is large enough for a scientist to physically walk into and perform their tests. Walk-in chamber types are prevalent in more prominent pharmaceutical companies where large batches of drugs are to be tested at the same time. Other than that, a walk in stability chamber works in the same way as a normal reach-in stability chamber by managing the parameters of temperature and relative humidity within the walk-in chamber to perform tests.As a trusted walk in stability chamber manufacturer, our commitment to precision and quality ensures that these chambers deliver reliable and accurate results, meeting the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Pre-fabricated modular panel type construction with PUF insulation to be assembled on site.
  • Floor panels have extra reinforcement to sustain the movement and sample load inside the chamber.
  • The internal mechanism is water and vapor tight, made with high-grade stainless steel.
  • Chambers are installed with an effective air circulation system, heating & cooling systems, & humidity generator system.
  • Multi-pane vacuum-sealed observation glass window to view the samples without disturbing the test condition & human safety.
  • Heavy-duty solid stainless steel duly electro polished wire mesh type trays are easy to clean and contribute to time-saving and reducing efforts. The trays are adjustable to convenience with detachable racks & adjustable handles.